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04 January 2013 @ 11:22 pm
Yep, still fangirling and nerding around here!

Life became more demanding, in various ways, so I backed off livejournal for a bit. I might start to be around again, though. I'm clearing up my head and hopefully my actions in the near future. I lost myself a bit in the second half of last year, a lot of things are still up in the air, but today I can say that I'm able to work to get things done like I want them to be.
In the mean time, I gained new fandoms (because obviously I need to be strongly passionate about something or another. Since... forever, actually).
So now I am deep in the worlds of Harry Potter (Even after all this time? Always!), Kanjani8 (I'm fan-married to them, really), Shinee (just a bit), Sherlock Holmes (we have a threesome going on with my boyfriend with Sherlock dear...), Teen Wolf (I'm a mess of motherly/older sisterly/sexually feelings on all the male actors, it's...complicated, yeah...). I also went to the cinema to watch 007 and The Hobbit, and fell in love all over again with that worlds too.

I hope all you people had some nice time and festivities. Let's keep on being fan together this year too, for a fabulous 2013!
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03 November 2012 @ 12:05 am

Happy 28° birthday Ryo Nishikido!

I wish you all the best and thank you
for this fabulous year as entertainer!

This year, thank to the fact that's Eito 8° anniversary, you gave us a lot as entertainer.
Thank you for all the hours that made me interested, happy and carefree, crying and emotional. 有難うございます!!!

Thank you for the dramas, the film, the shows, Janiben, the musical performances, the countdown, the concert, the Eito matsuri, the photobooks, the million photoshoots, your singing and your guitar playing, the promotional videos, for your idiocy and your seriousness and your shyness and your cockiness and your sexiness and your cuteness and your awesomeness. Thank you for being an idol that gave me so much! I will always wish for your happiness!

Here my little fanwork for this occasion: two gifs about two aspects of Ryo which I like and that were nicely worked this past year.

Right-click to save the images or MF1 and MF2 for download. (I swear that they work!)

ryo28_guitar ryo28_yellow
26 September 2012 @ 05:53 pm
After I discovered justnerdgirlproblems.tumblr.com and had a good laugh thank to it, here my personal list about my nerdiness.
Just for fun, because today I'm sucking at working on my thesis and I'm in a pinch so I'm in need of some light distractions.

About hanakari's dark nerd side:
  1. Being too nerdy for 80% of the people I know but still not enough nerdy for the remaining 20%.
  2. I don't know what to talk about with just met people to not scare them away.
  3. Being in multiple fandoms.
  4. Relatives put a ban on books as gifts and I don't know what else ask for.
  5. My books and comics go on holidays with me. Usually, in bulk.
  6. My room has almost more space occupied by paper than air.
  7. I'm a member of my local library since the age of 9 and still I'm in the aforementioned situation.
  8. I learned more English trough fandom than school so I write kind of strangely, can't pronounce half of the words I write and obsess over grammar because I think people will judge me over it (and fail at write properly anyway).
  9. One of the reasons because I to want to learn Japanese is to be more active in the fandom.
  10. When people realize I'm ok with nerds and I'm also kind of nerdy, but then start to talk about some fandom I'm not in so I don't understand a thing and get bored.
  11. I feel bad because I don't know enough of some fandoms and I don't want people to noticed it.
  12. Feeling ashamed because I'm not very techy after all, just an average technology user.
  13. I met the love of my life in a physic laboratory.
  14. I love bookshop outings with my boyfriend.
  15. Best date with my boyfriend: some hours having fun at the Science and Technology Museum.
  16. Exchanging books and comics with my boyfriend.
  17. I love when my boyfriend talk all nerdy to me.
  18. When my boyfriend and his friend are nerd-talking and I'm able to participate in the conversation.
  19. Saving to buy a new hard disk. Gigabytes are never enough.
  20. I gave my laptop a very meaningful name. Yes, I named it.
  21. Being VERY protective over my computer.
  22. My wifi is always on.
  23. Having a wifi access is a deciding factor for holidays places.
  24. Staff at the airports' security-check glance at me and always ask to put out my computer or tablet. Even when I obviously don't have one on me.
  25. Loving "The Big Bang Theory" series and feeling proud of understanding (most) of the jokes.
  26. Loving museums.
  27. Being on livejournal, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and happily wasting my time away.
  28. Fanfictions.
  29. I admire some fanfictions writers as professional writers. They totally deserve to be published.
  30. My mind is over imaginative but has a short attention span.
  31. Creating stories in my mind to fell asleep.
  32. Dreaming about my fandoms.
  33. Having fun reading about nerds and enjoying writing this list.
22 September 2012 @ 01:18 am

Happy 31° birthday Subaru Shibutani!

お誕生日おめでとうございます渋谷 すばる !

I wish you all the best, both in your job and in your private life.
Thank you for everything you give to us fans, that you give to me trough your work and your music.
I'm so happy to have you as my idol!

honma 02_ch03 (1)

Before dinner time, I started looking around in my "Shibutani Subaru" folder with the intention to pick a theme for his birthday celebration, something to post, something to do. Even a simple re-sharing, like last year. But... Too much awesomeness, to much aspects of the same amazing man. Exactly like last year, how can I pick just one thing???
So I decided that this year there aren't going to be photo but... drawings! Did you know that kanjani8 had some official manga released?
"Honma ni Kanjani8" by Saya Miyaguchi, I love them! Subaru is always portrayed so well there.
This are the sources, all the credits go to them, I just cropped Subaru drawings out of the pages: jesales4349, k8rgy, unknown but obviously amazing sources.

Here all the Subaru drawings ready to download:
Honmani 01 | Honmani 02 | Honmani 03 | Honmani 04 | Honmani 05

Actually, there is another recent and amazing Eito manga "Ookini Kanjani8" but I have only some raw sadly.
More scans or translations anyone? Pretty please??? Ryo/Ace looks so good in there.

I like very much the jweb Subaru wrote today (translation by enshinge):

      But yet, I am insatiable.
      I am a person who wants to try everything.
      And I go ahead and believe that whatever I do, it'll be give me something.

This man is so inspirational! His words, that he give us through his jweb, always make my heart fuzzy and gave me energy.
Keep on going and try everything and be happy of it Subaru!
Happy birthday to our little amazing man!!!
11 September 2012 @ 09:09 pm
The kind guy of Kanjani8 is 28 years old today.

お誕生日おめでとうございます !

Thank you for your music, for your kindness towards the member, for blue ranger, for your face and body, for your character, for your many talents that you share with us.

Let's look at some gorgeous Yasu photo (from sources all over the internet).

photo photo photoCollapse )
07 September 2012 @ 03:40 pm
The broke2media group tweeted this from their twitter account:

Let's hope for some activities now!
Is it just an interview with Freshsounz or the alleged change of agency? Probably just an interview, but even if we aren't going to have anymore "Jin the idol", let's hope for some "friendly Jin the singer/artist and hopefully the actor"!
It's passed some time from when I wrote about Inter or Yuto Nagatomo. Well, I didn't follow it anymore due to life being busy, so...
Excpet, one day at the university the topic presented itself to me.

One of my university mate's home-village is in the discrit of Pinzolo, the village where the Inter team go to spend the summer retirment camp, the ritiro estivo. We were talking about it because the TV news made a report on it, the camp and all the collateral mayhem that's brought in the village. He said to me that it's the village that pay the Inter team to have them there! Seems like they even pay a lot for such a small village, but all the tourism and pubblicity are more than enough as a return. It's actually so advantageuos for them that they keep on doing it year after year.
The Inter team go there for some days and, a part training in a very much better summer climate than Milano's, they do a lot of collateral stuff for the supporters. From kids' camp to fans meeting, from training sessions open to the public to "Inter night" in the village centre, a friendly match against the local team and conferences e so on and so forth. It's aimed particularly for the families, as Pinzolo is alredy a fine tourist spot in the mountains for families. It's a win-win situation: for the fans, for the team, for the village. Everyone is happy!

If you are curious, here some links:
a shitload of links of photo and short articlesCollapse )
Yuto joined at camp alredy started, as he had some holyday's days after his commitents with the Japanese National team.

Did I already wrote about Yuto's book?
Nagatomo wrote a book called "A Japanese guy" (Un ragazzo giapponese). I didn't even know about it, but then I passed for the sport section of a book shop and... bought it. It's nice to read him telling about his life. Even if the story is very syntethic is interesting to read, for me as a fan.

WTF, I wrote all a long and nice post about fandom stuff and I lost it.
Fuck it.
So here the super condensed version:

New PV! "Aoppana" short version! Wondeful! What's "Aoppana" means? Great video: stupid, colorful and so Eito's!
clickCollapse )

Kanjani8's 8th anniversary debut in Kansai! Congratulation boys! Everyone know the tale of the rooftop debut, right?
from chokkeito on tumblr
Here some sanbaka being cute (I want to squish Subaru like crazy, kawai chicchai man!).
clickCollapse )

Eito Rangers performing ER on Music Lovers!
clickCollapse )

Yoko reveled Ryo's admiration toward hairy man. Before concert he used to draw on himself a happy trail with a felt pen, while being all happy. That means Yoko is a stronzetto who love to embarass the members, that Ryo is a little strange and also that I've died imagining it! XD

I saw some foto from the eitomatsuri (or 8sai, or 8matsuri, or whatever really). Amazing! Future post to follow.
25 August 2012 @ 11:02 pm
Ryo cut his hairs. Short and  alittle kid's like.
I still can't decide if I like it or not. I need a Janiben episode to check well.
Here some pics on the topic (and the first one with teary Ryo is adorable and I need to know where it came from!)


photoCollapse )